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Logosol Introduces an Affordable One-Pass Moulder

The Logosol PH 260 4-Head Moulder/Planer is a full production moulder/planer, capable of one-pass planing in speeds from 6.5 to 40 ft./minute. This unique European Quality Moulder/Planer can mould/plane all four sides of a piece of rough lumber in one pass! It does the work of machines costing twice as much!

This moulder has been produced by Logosol for over 6 years and used by quality commercial woodworkers all over Sweden and in other parts of Europe. We recently heard from one Logosol PH 260 owner from Finland. His moulder was the "heart of my business." He had experienced very little problems with this planer even though he had been running it day in and day out for three years!

Logosol demonstrated this versatile planer in South Georgia, at the SunBelt Agricultural Exposition, participating in the Forestry section of outdoor exhibits. "The Moulder was a big hit!" Charlie Griffin of Logosol said. "Everyone was glad to see an affordable 4-sided planer was finally available in the North America.!" he added.

At the show, the Logosol Team cut up 6 8' Cypress logs with the M7 Sawmill, then took the boards through the PH 260 Moulder/Planer. "One pass and they were smooth!" said Martin Hall, over from Sweden to participate in the big Sunbelt Show. "This planer has nylon insets under each feed roller that enables it to plane green lumber," he explained. Visitors to the Logosol Booth were not only amazed at the smooth cut the M7 made, but also at the capabilities of the Logosol PH 260 Moulder/Planer.

In order to demonstrate the moulder at the show, the Logosol Team had to come up with a reliable power source of 3-phase power, as the PH 260 requires 3-phase to power it's 5 electric motors. As you can see in the picture above, they chose a 3-phase converter by GWM Corporation to provide the 3-phase power. This 3-phase converter enabled the Logosol Team to plug into a 220 Single Phase line on a Power Pole at the show and then plug into power leads coming out of the converter. "I was very pleased with the power coming out of this converter," said Martin Hall. "It proves that customers who want one of our planers, but don't have access to 3-phase power can use the same setup in their shop," he added. Logosol was also able to power the powerful 3-phase Chip Extractor with the same power source. It also proved it's power, as it was able to easily pull all the wet cypress chips out of the planer from 4 different points on the planer.

Logosol was demonstrating the moulder in 4-sided planing capacity, but the moulder will accomodate a variety of moulding knives that will allow it to produce all types of mouldings. A full catalog of knives is available that includes tongue and groove, baseboard, and crown-moulding applications for the moulder.

The Logosol PH260 Features:

• 4-sided moulding/planning
• Large Capacity - 10 1/4 X 4" on all 4 sides, 16" Width without side cutters in place.
• Rustproof - IP54 Certified
• 5 motors for precise control
• Small footprint - 43" X 35"
• Feeding system can handle boards with high moisture content
• Planed cast iron table
• Easily reset to next profile or dimension
• Ten Thermogaurds protect the machine
• Large selection of reasonably priced blades, profile blades, and cutters.
• 4 dust collector adapters - one for each cutter head
• Safety lock on overhead door

Fast Setup

This moulder is easy to setup. The Logosol team easily changed the width and depth of cut as needed to accomodate the different widths of boards coming off the mill. It is also easy to change moulding knives, change the depth of cut, and to change side cutting heads.


The PH 260 is available now by special order through Silvana. You can inquire about the planer by calling, 1-514-939-3523. Shipping time is 6 - 8 weeks. Call and get one of these planers on the way to your facility today!

Download product information here
Download knife catalogue here

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