Grindomatic V12 for sharpening professionals

  • Saves time – fully automatic
  • Gives you an extremely sharp edge
  • Fits most chains used today (1/4”, .325, 3/8”, .404)
  • Avoids blue teeth! Grinds up to 4 mm without burning teeth, perfect for stone damaged harvester chains
  • Stops automatically when chain is perfectly sharp
  • Grinding angle from 0-35 degrees, makes it also suitable for ripping chains and depth gauge grinding
  • Compact design: 16” x 14” x 14” (12.5 kg, 28 lbs.)
  • Operates on 12 volts
  • Increases profitability in harvesting work
  • Prevents value loss as it reduce splits in the butt log
  • Short payback time
  • Contributes to a better working environment
  • High industrial quality, made in Sweden
  • You really get your money’s worth – compare us with our competitors and you will see

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Testimonials (English)
• Testimonial – Brett Tanner of Tanner's Lawn & Snow Equipment • Testimonial – Sean Storey of S & S Logging • Testimonial – André Lagacé of André Lagacé Machine Inc. • Testimonial – Yvon Richard
Recommandations (Français)
• Recommandation – André Lagacé de André Lagacé Machine inc. • Recommandation – Yvon Richard
Powerpoint presentation (English)
• “Benefits of Using the Grindomatic V12 Automatic Chain Sharpener” by André Lagacé

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