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Logosol Timber Jig - Turns Your Saw Into a Portable Sawmill!

Sawing with the Timber Jig can be fun!
The Logosol Timber Jig
turns your saw into a portable sawmill! This lightweight, unique mill is made by the world's leading Chainsaw powered Sawmill manufacturer to be economical, easy, and fun to use.

Have you ever dreamed of being able to cut your own lumber, but not have the land or resources to do it? This little mill can have you cutting lumber quickly and simply. Like all Logosol products, this device features simplistic, rugged, and quality design.

We recently heard from one user in the US who told us of his recent project with the Timber Jig. "I cut up an 18" walnut log last week!" The log was too big for him to handle with his pickup, so he cut it up where it lay with his Timber Jig. He got 10 - 11" boards out of that log. He easily paid for the cost of the $235 Timber Jig with the value of that Walnut lumber!

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At a recent woodworking show in Charlotte, NC, a couple came to our booth with pictures of a dining room table they had made from lumber cut with the Timber Jig. Their pride in their work was evident, especially from the fact that the lumber had come from a tree that had fallen on their property. We recently heard from them after we put the Timber Jig on our website. Rick sent us pictures of the beautiful drop leaf table he made from the Poplar tree that had died in their back yard.

"I've had my Timber Jig for over two years now. I can't figure out how many times I've paid for it with all the poplar, cherry, persimmon, white pine, sycamore and cedar I've cut. Most of the time I only have one or two logs to cut up at a time so I don't need a bigger sawmill." Rick Doby, North Carolina

You can be working with lumber you have made yourself with the Timber Jig. Click the link below to order your Timber Jig today! Order via our secure server now!

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The Timber Jig comes with an Instructional video and all the parts you need to be cutting lumber with your chainsaw!